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Category: Short Jokes

Pills of Laughter

A line written on a Husband’s T shirt :

:D :D :D

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Santa Marriage

One fine day, a girl proposed to Santa for marriage and Santa denied simply saying that, “in our family, we marry only our relatives….”


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Dreams Come True

Santa had a dream in which someone murdered him…

Next day he closed his bank account. Know why???
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Cigarettes not allowed here :D

Once a passenger asked the station master…

Passenger: Can i smoke a cigarette here?

Station Master: No, its’ a public place, you can’t.

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SMS Cute Jokes

Diner: I can’t eat such a rotten chicken.
Call the manager!
Waiter: It’s no use. He won’t eat it either…
:D :D :D


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Short Funny Jokes

Who was d 1st indian cricktr 2 Bcum captain in his 1st mtch,score century in d same mtch &hit a 6 of d last ball 2 defeat england??



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Funny Cute Jokes

An Airline Introduced
A Special Package For Business Men.
Buy Ur Ticket Get Ur Wife’s Ticket Free

After Great Success,
The Company Sent Letters To All The Wives
Asking How Was The Trip.
All Of Them Gave A Same Reply…

“Which Trip ?”
:P :P :P


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Super Funny Short Jokes

Anil was standing at the door with a gun
Wife: y r u standing here?
Anil: I am Going on Tiger’s Hunt
Wife: Then Go…..
Anil: How can I go ! The dog is sitting outside.


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Home Jokes

Seeing a Cockroach on ur bed
is nothing actually….!!

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Super Funny Jokes

What A Mystery
A cockraoch is afraid of Rat,
Rat is afraid of Cat,
Cat is afraid of Dog,
Dog is afraid of Man,
Man is afraid of Woman,
And Woman is afraid of

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Even More Short Jokes

On a crowded bus, one man noticed that another man had his eyes closed.
“What’s the matter? Are you sick?” he asked.


“No, I’m okay. It’s just that I hate to see old ladies standing.”
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The Bar Fight

Once in a Bar , A man tells a bartender that there is going to be a fight and he needs a drink before that :

Man : Hurry-up, hurry-up, give me a drink. Fight is about to start.

Bartender gives him a drink.

Man again says: Hurry-up, hurry-up, give me another drink. Fight is about to start.
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